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Everyone knows that top ranked sites obtain a lot of traffic, BUT is that because they are top ranked or is it because they get a involving traffic that means top ranked? provide more traffic than we would get from a top ranking position although! Im talking about INCOMING LINKS.

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Everyone recognizes that top ranked sites acquire a lot of traffic, BUT is that because these kind of are top ranked or do you find it because they get a lot of traffic this makes them top ranked?

Which comes first the Chicken or perhaps the Egg?

The eternal question, heres a technique to answer it, in relation to its Search Engines anyway

First, search engines like google like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, all have different formulas for calculating how they rank a web site and these formulas are always changing so its impossible to specifically how to optimize an affiliate site for top ranking most of the time.

One thing is fairly certain though and presume matter if that changes or because the means of achieving a top-notch rank will on its own, provide more traffic than continually get from top ranking position anyways! Im talking about INCOMING Hooks up.

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Ive seen Log reports from a niche site ranked consistently in the actual 5 positions on acquisitions search engines, which show that less then 20% associated with traffic about to be released from the search engines, and you’d like is hailing from incoming and reciprocal backlinks to your site.

To know more about incoming and reciprocal links go here

Incoming links are links from websites and pages that send people for our site.

Reciprocal links; are links from our site to someone’s and a hyperlink from them back to our site.

Having huge numbers of reciprocal and incoming links is good because while giving us more traffic it also makes us rank highly in motors. As explained above it doesnt matter if we dont rank so well in the search engines, because has actually more traffic from the incoming and reciprocal links anyway. So more traffic better rank, better rank more traffic, its perpetual motion!

If you would like to understand how Alexa determines ranking heres a quote from their site.

The traffic rank is dependant three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users can be a combined measure of page views and users (reach).

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Articles versus Blog and Ping – Which is efficient at building your sites search engine position?

Articles are more effective at building website search engine rank than the old blog and ping method. I found that an article I published 4 months ago is now on over 800 websites and my PR has jumped from 3 to five. Read my comparison of articles vs blog and ping.

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Articles vs. Blog and Ping

I think it is time for many Affiliate marketers (AM) to reconsider their methods for building their web sites Search Engine work. I have been using Blog and Ping techniques for a year now, but blog and ping is slowing loosing its effectiveness as many AMs are making use of the method.

If youve lived on the disadvantage of the moon, then you may perhaps know what Blog and Ping will be focused on. Well, in a nutshell, blog and ping is really a technique for increasing your websites position by creating blogs and using software that automatically posts to those blogs along with links back to your main website. The blogs then ping Blog services to notify them that innovative content is obtainable. The ping services then attract Search Engine spiders and before to long, youre website is spidered.

This solution worked like wonders a few year ago (2005), but is loosing its effectiveness because all the blog and ping tools create mediocre content naturally all established on Search Engine scrapes or RSS provides nourishment to. You end up getting a web page full of useless information with links back to your internet page. Yahoo and google have caught on and should be able to filter out the bad video. In fact, it may actually be hurting a lot more. Theres no proof yet, on the other hand would expect that all the SEs will start penalizing websites are generally trying to boost their position through blog and ping techniques.

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That brings me to articles. Four months ago, I wrote an article and posted it to ArticleCity. While i submitted it, I forgot about the concept. Just yesterday, during a short while of boredom, I evaluated that article and decided i would do some study. Had anyone picked it increase? A quick search on the web showed how the article already been published on 802 different websites! Furthermore noticed anytime Googles last update, the Page Rank (PR) of my internet website increased nicely from 3 to 5.

This was with one ARTICLE sent to just ONE ARTICLE SITE that I put together in :30 minutes. Acquired floored.

Considering what amount time Ive spent configuring blog and ping software, how many unneeded domains Ive purchased to make traffic all look like its by different directions, how hard Ive worked trying to find content for the B&P software, etc. I’d personally have been much better off just writing good, informative articles.

Another huge reason to start with Articles over Blog and Ping is content longevity. Your article often be posted onto many online stores. Perhaps hundreds of websites. That content is real and meaty, just like what Google and the others are searching for. Its not bogus content likewise let get yanked by the SEs. This means that algorithm update after algorithm update, the articles that point back to your website stays within ask search. This is big.

Over other two sections of few months, Google has created several updates to their algorithm which resulted in TONS of internet sites loosing their rankings. My site, which relied 1 ARTICLE no blog and ping actually went up in the rankings.

So if youve used Blog and Ping to advertise your site and youve been unhappy with the results, will be the time consider article writing and publishing them for a Article websites.

Writing an article and posting it to at least article submission site quick. Writing an article and posting it to hundreds of article sites is cumbersome and extremely hard. For this reason, Lately purchased some software called Article Submitter Pro which automates the entire process. Article Submitter Pro can undergo over 700 article directories and can be a snap to put. If you to try articles to advertise your web page and you would like to get the process as common as possible, then I highly counsel that you away Article Submitter Pro additional medications the whole process as speedy as would-be.

Heres for you to some successful and profitable times!
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Which Off-Page Factors Matter Most To The Search Engines

The exact way in which the search engines rank the web pages of a website is not known to anyone outside belonging to the inner circle of engineers working for Google, Yahoo, MSN etcetera. However there are some general principles on what is having an appearance positive factors that impact your rankings.

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Off-Page Factors That Search Look For

The exact way how the search engines rank the pages of your website is unfamiliar to anyone outside among the inner circle of engineers working for Google, Yahoo, MSN accessories. However there are some general principles on is considered to be positive factors that can influence your rank.

These factors relate mainly to level of quality and associated with incoming links to your site. Although outgoing links also play a part, they’re not as essential as incoming backlinks.

Quality of Incoming Links

Quality is based on the perceived importance in the website linking to someone. If the link is means (you dont reciprocate by linking back) it carries more weight than a reciprocal link.

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Another thing to consider will be the relevance for the page that is linked within order to. Its no good having a webpage from a gambling site linking in order to some page on a health site. The more closely they match the more advantageous.

Relevance of On Topic Theme Content

Based stored on your sites content, the search engines determine the theme of internet site and the relevance of one’s individual pages to your theme. May one within the reasons why it may be so important to spotlight a niche topic rather not go too broad.

The motors are on the lookout for sites that are natural instead contrived to beat their sets of rules. If your site has lots of incoming links but preparing went for the same page, this usually appear to get natural. Similarly if regarding your links come using the same site or perhaps the same server, this would raise alarm signals with search engines and might penalise your rankings.


Do not test and fool the search engines by purchasing links from so called “link farms” or other dubious systems. You may succeed for a shorter while, nevertheless the search engines will always catch you out and penalize your site heavily.

In SummarySEO is no exact science a page could rank no 1 with Yahoo and truly be previously top 100 with Google. Similarly, a page that ranks well today could rank poorly tomorrow. Dont get too involved with trying to determine what doing wrong. Observe the basics of producing regarding good quality original content related to your niche in order to get as many quality incoming links because you can.

A good idea is to obtain some assist in the connected with step by step instructions and coaching videos designed specifically for newbies.